Dil Raju Makes Other Producers Worry With ‘Vakeel Saab’!


DIl Raju is producing many films but the most awaited film in the entire lot is ‘Vakeel Saab’. Touted as the comeback of Pawan Kalyan after a long time, the entire is waiting for this film. The film was expected to get some record-breaking collections a very months ago but it all changed now. Recently, Dil Raju made a statement that he won’t be releasing any film till ‘VakeelSaab’ hits the screens. He said that he will release Pawan Kalyan’s film only after the theatres reopen and they get back to their full capacity. These words from the star producers is putting a lot of others in worry.

Other producers and some banners who depend on him are now fearing that he may put their films on hold due to ‘Vakeel Saab’ as per experts. As we all know, ‘Vakeel Saab’ is a remake of Hindi film ‘Pink’ and it deals with a serious subject which is not the fans would have wanted from Powerstar. Let us wait and see what happens in the coming few weeks.

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