Dil Raju Upset With Rumours!


No one really takes time to spread rumours until and unless someone instigates or asks for such “news” to be spread at least in media business.

Producers and actors, directors have a habit of giving “planned leaks” to their favourite media person or media house about some film related or even personal life related topics, issues.

After “leaking” the information, they cleverly take the decision based on the backlash or positive response. This is called “getting an idea on the market pulse” in film terms.

Well, some have a habit of feeling bad after giving out such leaks that certain information has gone in wrong direction or was taken out of context, on how it should have been projected.

People tend to react or report or arrive to their conclusions on a particular topic on their own. We cannot control all those perceptions. Why are we talking so much and about what? Well, we are coming to the point.

Dil Raju’s second marriage topic shouldn’t have become a trolling topic or it shouldn’t have been ridiculed by social media the way it was. Unnecessarily, few dragged Anushka Shetty’s name also into it.

Dil Raju as a producer won lot of accolades and became one of the biggest producers, distributors in Telugu Cinema so much so that he is able to mediate with anyone and at times, dictate terms to young producers as well.

He did not want to marry after his wife Anitha’s death but as he is just 50 years old, his daughter asked him to think about it. And he finally agreed after her pressing him into it.

This news leaked out and became a topic of ridicule as Anushka’s name got dragged into it. These developments has now hurt, Dil Raju and he is upset about how the news has been presented, it seems.

In any case, some are saying that if no one had let the news “leak”, social media wouldn’t have reacted and no one would have gotten upset about it!

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