Director Of Saaho, Not Running After ‘Ting Ting’!


We all love the sound, money makes, “Ting”! Using it as a reference, Ramana garu, writer of many classics from Bapu-Ramana duo, made a character call money as ‘ting ting’!

Character asks it as a bribe to do things that people request him in a popular movie. The writer even called Lakhs as Lakaram is another movie!

Now, that ting ting is not what young Sujeeth, the director of Saaho is after. He waited patiently for 3 years to make his next film after Run Raja Run but the producers, UV Creations gave him the biggest possible film to forget about all the wait.

Now, he is looking at a potential hit film that will take him to Bollywood or any film Industry in India, in future, as his visiting card.

It can even become his high tide end for a promising career at the earliest as well. High tides might look dangerous, might do a damage, might make huge noise but they don’t last long.

So, the youngster is keen on waiting for Saaho result before committing his next, it seems. Could be a deal with UV too, that is holding him up from taking any advance from others, but he asked producers who contacted him to wait till Saaho is released, it seems!

This might be his confidence or bravery or a suicide but we have to commend his ability to stay strong and falling for Ting Ting, which killed many promising careers!

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