Disha Patani sizzles


There’s something too common these days that is, actresses going on social media to show off their curves. From Katrina Kaif to Kareena Kapoor to Malaika Arora to Disha Patani to Karishma Kapoor to Aishwarya Rai to Jahnvi Kapoor, no one is exceptional.

We get to share them and talk about them in a regular basis as well. It gets highly competitive for the actresses to top their previous photo and others.

With each post the photoshop skills and creativity of photographers come into question as they have to figure out a way to present ladies more beautiful and at times more desirable.

Disha has a great body and a great team too. Her selfies too look great because of the shape she maintains but when it comes to professional photography, she nails it more than others.

Watch these latest Hello magazine cover photos. Right from her wash board abs to her curves nothing was left to imagination yet it doesn’t look vulgar!

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