Even I Might Have Given Low Rating To Kalki – Prasanth Varma


Prasanth Varma directed Awe movie and he made many eyes turn towards him with the movie attempt.

He made Kalki with Dr. Rajasekhar and the movie released to a mixed response on Friday. He talked to media on Sunday.

He said, “I might have even given a low rating if I was a critic to my Kalki. This is not the kind of movie that critics will praise and I got good response from the audiences we aimed at!”

He continued to say, “I would love to follow directors who made big hits in the genre before attempting such a movie. So, I saw plenty of mass masala movies before Kalki.

This kind of a screenplay is said to be a twist based one and my next will not have similar kind!”

About Tamanna’s version of Queen remake, he said, “I went into the film as a person who completes the film as the original person quit. I finished the film in 31 days and I am not supposed to say all this in anyway. I might get into trouble for saying these things!”

He commented that he liked the sensible ideas given by Jeevitha and Rajasekhar as they are much experienced than him.

He said he has few projects lined up but Kalki’s verdict will decide which one would start first. He teased that his Hotstar webseries will be a different one for Telugu audiences and will be in a space that no one has seen before.