Exclusive: Inside Info About Saaho!


Saaho starring Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor in the direction of Sujeeth Sign is releasing on 30th August. UV Creations produced the film with staggering Rs. 350 crores budget.

We gathered information about the film from sources who saw the film at censor screenings at Germany, USA and India. But these are just opinions of those respective individuals and we don’t have any agenda against or for the film, in anyway.

We expect movie to be another Baahubali range hit and please remember that before reading further. No spoilers whatsoever from our side.

A Censor board member revealed this, with a promise of anonymity, ”Movie has a action packed first hour but second hour is a bit lengthy with twists and turns. Prabhas fans will have a blast in theatres!

Also, the movie doesn’t feel length for two-thirds of the film but it slightly drags in second hour which is covered by pre-climax stunts and climax twist.”

Another member from different Country censor board stated, ”Film is more a mix of Missing Impossible and Indian hardcore masti filled action entertainers like Bollywood films of Salman Khan. Action is exciting enough to engage you.

The scale of action is huge and Prabhas has a good screen presence. Shraddha Kapoor is arresting in songs and her scenes in second hour are key for story.

Pacing is not an issue but VFX at some places does look slightly undercooked but it is stunning in important sequences. Saaho is definitely a winner!”

An inside source from the Telugu Cinema Industry said, “Prabhas enjoyed the character every bit and he opened up like never before. His character when revealed completely, will shock the audiences.

There is a stunning chase sequence that will keep you on the edge of your seats and it feels like paisa vasool with just that one lengthy action sequence. It is going to be huge winner for sure!”

Note: These are information that we received from our sources after lengthy pleads. Please don’t go by their opinion and take this just as first opinions expressed by people than ultimate deciders of fate. We are sharing this just for fun!

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