Fans fire on Tamma Reddy Bharadwaja over his comments on Syeraa Collections


Mega fans don’t like Tamma Reddy Bharadwaj. The reason behind this on many occasions he made comments on Mega Star Chiranjeevi. Recently, he released a video on Syeraa collections, which didn’t go well with the mega fans.

Earlier he fired on Chiranjeevi on his famous Ammadu Lets Do Kummudu song. He released a video regarding this and asked how can a person like Chiranjeevi with such stature do a song like this.

All his videos addressing any issue will be lengthy. But the video of Syeraa is only 1.53 minutes. In this video, Tamma Reddy compared Syeraa collections with Bahubali and Sahoo. He didn’t even mention about Chiranjeevi’s acting, this made mega fans angry.

Mega fans came to Chiru’s rescue and commented on the video that we make films like Syeraa not for collections but respect. You are jealous of Syeraa’s success and that’s why you are talking only about the collections neglecting Mega Star’s stellar performance.

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