Film Star Flouts Corona Safeguards, Gets Gym Opened


Despite the massive awareness blitzkrieg from the Government on fighting Corona virus, some celebrities still seem to think that they are above the hoi polloi and need not follow any rules. At a time when the Government has directed that all the schools, malls, film theatres and gyms be closed, a star film hero and his wife forcibly got a gym opened and exercised there for two hours in utter disregard for public safety.

Bollywood hero Shahid Kapoor and his wife Meera went to the Anti Gravity Club gym in Mumbai’s Bandra on Tuesday and asked the owner to open it. They booth exercised in the gym for two hours. Meanwhile, the media got wind of it and gathered at the gym in big numbers. Knowing this, both Shahid and his wife Meera left the gym through the back door. Gym owner Jay Singh tried to cover up by saying that Shahid was his personal friend and had come to meet him. He however did not explain why he had to open the closed gym for his friend. He denied that Shahid had come there for the workout.

The governments are taking every precaution to ensure that the corona virus does not spread. All places of public gathering have been kept closed. Similar containment measures have been put in place across the country. But, celebrities feel that they are above these measures, commented an official involved in the Corona virus containment work.

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