First Bike Ride Of This Actress Goes Viral


Telugu film produced by Rana titled ‘Krishna and his Leela’ released silently on OTT platform Netflix recently.itself. The film is directed by Perepu Ravikanth of ‘Kshanam’ fame. The film stars Siddhu Jonnala gadda, Shraddha Srinath, Shalini and Seerath Kapoor. The film got already delayed in its release and was scheduled to release on May Day but couldn’t due to the Theater shutdown as it stalled the plans of even stalwarts like Suresh Babu.

Now all the delay went away and makers are enjoying the applause from fans. To engage the fans on this film, actress Shraddha Srinath has uploaded a video of her riding a bike. She falls off the bike and rest is the story which is going viral. Explaining the situation of wet roads and the shooting experience in Nandi Hills in 2017, the actress has written a long post on social media sharing it with her fans.

Actually Krishna and Leela was the first film signed by Shraddha but her other film with Nani ‘Jersey’ released on time and made her a household name in Telugu Industry!

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