First Contestant To Face Elimination In Bigg Boss 3


It’s been a week since Bigg Boss 3 has begun. Which means, The time has arrived for the first elimination. As many as Six Contestants (Jaffer, Himaja, Rahul, Vithika Sheru, Punarnavi, Hema) have been facing the threat of elimination in the Week 1.

Votes polled for these Six Contestants have been in circulation on social media platforms. Himaja and Punarnavi received most of the votes. On Saturday, Host Nagarjuna has already announced that both these contestants were in a safe zone.

On the other hand, Hema received least number of votes. Which means, This Character Artiste will be the first to face elimination.

Nag hinted about Hema’s Elimination on Saturday itself. He found fault with Hema for trying to dominate rest of the contestants and explained that is why she was nominated by all the housemates. Hema tried to defend herself by saying her intention was to ensure there were no clashes when she was having the control over kitchen. Wait till Sunday night to know if Hema walks out or not!

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