Free Morning Shows On Release Day!


Filmmakers try different options to bring the Movie Buffs to the theaters. There were instances where the first 15 minutes of a feature film was released online prior to the release. And now, We hear about a New Trend in the Telugu Film Industry.

Makers of ‘Beach Road Chetan’ took the call to screen the morning shows on first day without charging a single penny from the movie buffs. This unique attempt is intended to attain good occupancy for rest of the shows with good word-of-mouth.

‘Beach Road Chetan’ stars Chetan Maddineni in the lead role. He is also the Writer, Director and Producer of this flick. Teja Reddy played the female lead. Music is by Samuel J Benaiah.

Release of ‘Beach Road Chetan’ is being planned in around 200 theaters in Telugu States. Let’s only wish the novel attempt yields good result..!

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