Get Ready To Pay Hefty Ticket Prices For Sankranthi Entertainment!


Sankranthi Season is the best time for Telugu Cinema as farmers and families tend to have money in their pockets and they love to watch films during the season too.

But these days audiences are having to spend more than they can afford at times for big budget films and distributors, exhibitors are asking for permission from state governments to let them increase the rates during the release of the biggies.

Some distributors believe that rather than reducing the amounts and increasing the footfalls, it is better to increase rates and ask those who definitely watch the film to bare for those who don’t.

For Saaho, Sye Raa ticket prices were increased and even for Christmas films, all multiplexes charged more than usual.

Now, for Sankranthi films, in Telangana ticket rate will be 150/- at single screens and 200/- at multiplexes. In AP, the rates will be Rs. 200/- and Rs. 250/- at single screens & multiplexes, respectively.

If they continue, in the same fashion, the families might desert film watching at theaters slowly, as public started questioning the hike on social media already.

May be it is better to keep minimum pricing for festival films and increase the number of theatres to attract more audiences than just go for exorbitant prices that kill theater viewing slowly, for sure.

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