Gopichand just cannot afford such result


Hero Gopichand after becoming lead actor with Yagnam, continued to stay as a mass action hero who did not become a star in TFI.

His films had fights, chases but many of them suffered with lack of proper story, planning and release as well. For those, that did manage such things, collections upto a range haven’t been an issue.

But from last 5 or 6 years, Gopichand is facing box office flops. He isn’t been able to turn the tire. Only, Sampath Nandi’s Gautham Nanda did not become an outright flop. It became a cost failure.

He released his Chanakya with very minimum buzz during Dussehra that too against Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy. Movie failed to capture any audiences so much so that on first day, the collections were only close to Rs. 1.25 crores share in Telugu states.

Overseas and ROI markets haven’t responded to the movie with any kindness. Gopichand thought this movie will change his fate but it seems to have pushed him into an abyss further.

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