Gossip: Big cinematography walks out of young hero’s film!


This young hero has become a synonym for big budget films even though he doesn’t have such a huge market. He recently found success at box office and he is looking to carry it forward.

His director for the new film is known for mass masala entertainer subjects but he has only success to his name, till date.

He couldn’t make a hit with big hero and then even his next film with hit hero, failed. There were many rumours of him doing movies with star heroes but finally, he started film with the young hero.

A big cinematographer who handled huge action films in Bollywood was brought on board for the film but the cinematographer walked out of the film, recently during an important schedule.

Reason behind that is the director and cinematographer are having differences about the frames, shoot speed and also the shot composition. As they have been fighting for every shot, cinematographer just walked out the film, it seems.

Telugu senior technician, who is normally approached at such situations has accepted the offer to finish off the schedule and if he can set the dates, he will continue with the film team further, it seems.

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