HBD! Lady South Indian Superstar – Nayantara!


Nayantara burst out onto the scene after her debut in Ayya with Chandramukhi. Playing lead role opposite none other than Superstar Rajanikanth made her a sensation.

Her smile, her looks and her skills have become most talked about among the common audiences even though Jyothika scored huge points as Chandramukhi.

Immediately, Nayantara decided to shed the family girl image and wore ultra sexy costumes in Ghajini film. With the film becoming a sensational hit, she continued to be the sensation that everyone wanted to talk about.

Some advised her to slim down as she used to be slightly chubby and she just shut them all by wearing a bikini in Thala Ajith’s Billa. Now, her stakes have just increased in the Industry and in public eye as the ultimate risk taker and hot heroine.

At the same time, her love affair with Simbu became a topic for the all the tabloids and their lip-kiss for Vallavan film stunned many film Industry experienced people also. And their public break-up when everyone thought marriage was inevitable had again put Nayantara in the news.

She moved on to become a most talked about leading actress but her films did not become as successful and sensational as her love affair with Prabhu Deva. When she was almost set to marry him and quit acting, due to his wife’s public allegations & decision to kill herself if their marriage wasn’t upheld, Nayantara decided to move on in her life again with second heart break.

This time with double enthusiasm she concentrated on her looks and characters. After doing Sita role in Sri Ramarajyam movie, her fortunes changed and she became the most influential box office heroine in South India, today.

She was born in 1984 as Diana Mariam Kurian in Kerala but changed her name to Nayantara for screen. She is currently dating Vignesh Shivn – writer and director. We wish her a very happy birthday and many more successful films in future.

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