Hero Akash Accused Sunil Of Cheating Him


Hero Akash made sensational comments on Comedian Sunil during a recent interview. ‘In ‘Pilisthe Palukutha’, I was the hero and Sunil played my friend character. During the shooting of that movie, Sunil requested Me to do a Special Appearance in his debut movie as hero. I had offered him a promise assuming it could be a positive role,’ he said.

When he was shooting for a Tamil flick, Sunil called Akash and reminded him about the promise for seeking his call sheets for the role in ‘Andala Ramudu’. Initially, Akash didn’t show much interest to play Second Hero character. Sunil, however, convinced him that his role will be developed well to make it look far better than the Tamil version.

Akash: ‘While shooting for ‘Andala Ramudu’, Sunil used to hold my hand and say ‘Bhayya, Chala Thanks Bhayya…Nuvvu Na Life Lo Marchipoleni Manishi’. He didn’t speak a single word about Me after the success of the movie. My Photo wasn’t even on the posters. In the Tamil version, There was a song between Heroine and Second Hero. That Song was skipped in the Telugu remake. That is the importance I received for trusting Sunil’s words. When I asked Director about it, He informed Me that Sunil had asked him to remove the song’.

While being Comedian, Sunil used to call Akash as ‘Bhaiyya’. During the shoot of ‘Nava Vasantham’, He addressed Akash as ‘Hey Akash’. Akash say that’s something which hurt him a lot.

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