Hero’s Ex-Girlfriend Bashes His Heroine


There is nothing to hide in the fact that Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor dated each other for a long time and parted ways. After that Shahid married Mira Rajput while Kareena dated Saif Ali Khan and eventually tied the knot. This Jab We Met actress made some interesting comments over her ex-boyfriends recent blockbuster Kabir Singh.

As we now, Kabir Singh is a remake of our Arjun Reddy which became a blockbuster and collected 300 crores. Also, the film received a lot of criticism for its flawed protagonist and misogynistic approach. It raised a lot of debate between the people who loved the film and people who hated it.

Responding about the film in an interview, Kareena said that she cannot believe a person like Preeti (played by Kiara Advani in the film) in real life and could not connect to her character emotionally. She also expressed her happiness over critics pointing the films flaws bravely and people opening up about such films even though they are outnumbered by Kabir Singh fans.
These comments by Kareena surely stirred a lot of buzz and we need to wait and see if Shahid has any response to this or not.

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