High Alert: Corona Chaos In Film Nagar!


The highly dangerous COVID-19 is shaking the entire globe. Over one lakh people were affected by it and nearly 7000 people lost their lives because of this virus. Around 100 cases were registered in India and the count is gradually increasing in our Telugu states too. The governments issued a high alert as a person already died with this virus. The entertainment industry is also affected by it as the theatres were closed and shootings were halted. This is not confined yet as the chaos started in the Film Nagar area.

The outbreak of the virus forced every production house to stop their shooting this. The works of all the 24 crafts were stopped. This is where the actual problem began. To utilize these two weeks, every film’s team started post-production works in their respective offices. But people with no offices of their own are resorting to Prasad labs and other labs. All these areas are getting filled with people regularly. With people getting accumulated in large numbers in one place, there is a good chance of the police forcible shutting the place down.

In the meanwhile, distributors and exhibitors will take whatever film is available when the theatres get opened again. So, every production house is trying to wrap up their film’s editing quickly. We don’t know the exact situation of makers who locked the release dates beforehand. On the whole, Corona is severely affecting the film industry.

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