Hindi Arjun Reddy Song Too Creates Sensation!


Arjun Reddy is definitely a path-breaking film in Telugu Cinema as it showed a form physical expression for love in more passionate way.

It did not go down the vulgarity route other films went down after its release. But it did show that kissing and bold scenes could also shown in an artistic way.

More than the story and performances, Arjun Reddy also become known for music, kissing scenes, bold scenes and unabashed character moments.

Sandeep Reddy Vanga retained all of that for his Hindi Version and Shahid Kapoor seems to have committed to the character as much as Vijay Devarakonda.

Still, the original impact is original impact. Arjun Reddy songs became popular post release but Hindi version seems to have found one song that can storm the Nation before release.

Bekhayali scored 18 Million views in less than 38 hours after the video song released. Hindi audiences are thrilled to see raw expression of love but will Telugu audiences be interested in watching the same? Let’s find out in July.

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