Hollywood Films, IPL Season Are Affected By Corona, Will Telugu Films Follow Suite?


Corona Virus Novel Covid-19 outbreak globally has become a pandemic and high level security threat that needs to be addressed at top priority for every country. The sheer amount of panic it has set among the people is greater than SARS and several virus outbreaks in past.

This Covid-19 has not been contained at the initial level with proper planning in China where the virus originated and like Dominos effect it collapsed global markets and it is almost forcing every industry to lockdown and wait for the container to be successful everywhere.

USA, due to Trump Government’s inadequacy in preparation and President Donald Trump’s need to make everything about himself and his re-election campaign, the big boss of economy is further scaring other countries who are already trying to figure out ways to attack the virus, if it lands on their shore.

Political, economical and health issues are creeping up so vastly that environment industry, which tries to keep people calm and informed during these times is also trying to take precautionary steps to ensure safety of individuals and artists. Mass gatherings are almost getting abolished and with the panic button pressed on, until the virus is contained or a proper vaccine is invented to eradicate it completely, this situation might go on escalate.

Already, Hollywood films have been postponed globally and American Television Industry is planning to shoot closed doors with minimum amount of staff. News presenters are being asked to get tested regularly and follow standard precautions all the time.

While the virus doesn’t survive in hot temperatures has been the motto in India, people started realising that complacency won’t help India to solve the situation. Governments have been advised to be proactive and Indian Government is taking massive steps to contain the virus at the earliest possible level as India could see a worse outbreak, much much bad than Italy, due to less aware general public and more population.

So, slowly Indian entertainment industry is also following the suite. Bollywood films like Sooryavanshi which won’t be affected by postponing their release date financially have already took that step. IPL has been suspended until further notice for this year.

But Telugu film Industry works on a small scale and most producers’ lives are dependent on ensuring a successful release of their films in theatres. Only few can afford postponing their films as the costs increase with interest rates touching skies.

Only, Nani and Dil Raju’s, “V, The Movie” team has announced postponement of their film with no future release date. We may see other films too follow it, soon.

The virus outbreak containment measures also means people to loose their daily jobs as less-informed might transmit it at faster rate causing for massive panic even in the well-informed sections.

This means we could see producers being forced to try to go indoors for shooting their films with less staff and cancelling any outdoor shoots until situation is under control. With no proper time period predicted or expected for the pandemic to end, it seems like the producers who cannot afford a slowdown in pace and daily workers are doomed for time being.

But this period can give time to filmmakers in tightening their scripts, work on loopholes and better their films. This is the only hopeful outcome for producers in these tough times.

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