How Many Of You Know That Nani’s V Release Date?


Natural Star Nani used to be one of the stars who starts promoting his films so well that the buzz meter rises with anticipation in the public.

He is once compared to SS Rajamouli in coming up with promotional strategies. The actor somehow lost that touch in promoting his films.

Jersey film team started promoting the film three months ago and they could not create enough buzz to top Majili, before release.

Gang Leader team started the campaign early enough but before release, the buzz was too cold for a Nani film. Now, his next one V team is not taking the film into masses as much as they should.

One gets such a feeling because the promotions have been dull for the film. Indraganti Mohankrishna’s Sammohanam had better promotions than V.

Sudheer Babu, Nivetha Thomas, Aditi Rao Hydari are acting in the film, still the release date of the movie is not popular among the common audiences.

Is the movie releasing on 25th March or is it postponed due to the on-going virus problem? Is the production house waiting for Covid-19 fears to subside?

We cannot say what is the reason but with just 3 weeks to go for the release, we see no activity from the team of V, to see that the film is having big buzz.

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