How Will Krishna Cope Up With Her Sudden Demise?!


Superstar Krishna met Vijayanirmala first time on Sakshi sets and Rajababu, the comedian caught the love for each other in their eyes in their next films.

He kept commenting that both will get married soon, even though they were married already. Vijayanirmala took divorce from her husband and Krishna’s wife accepted their marriage.

Krishna never objected for anything that Vijayanirmala wanted and she never left his side ever. He too been as supportive as he can be.

As he grew older he stopped coming out without her and actor Naresh, son of Vijayanirmala never felt ignored by his mother or by family of Krishna.

The balance between both the families was concrete as Vijayanirmala always respected Krishna’s wife and she reciprocated. Vijayanirmala was able to act, direct and even produce films as she could get great support from Krishna who was growing as a star.

After she retired, she never left his side even for a second. She always showed possessiveness around Krishna and the actor loved it.

He used to ask his fans or even his staff to ask Vijayanirmala about certain issues after a point in his life and if she had any problems he used to solve them, softly.

This is a great loss for Krishna as he literally lost the cog in his wheel that keeps him going. They completed 45 years of marriage in harmony and his fans worry how their star will cope with this situation now?!

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