How will “Ravi Teja Factor” Work For Nidhi Agerwal?


Ravi Teja is known as lucky hero for young heroines. Many wanted to share screen with him as mass audiences would love them, making sure that they will have a market.

But recently, the same has not turned out to be untrue. Ravi Teja is unable to deliver hits and that is making new heroines go unnoticed.

Malavika Sharma, Payal Rajput, Mehreen Prizada are not in the race for top slots like few when Ravi Teja was at the top of his form.

Does this affect Nidhi Agerwal too? Even though she proved she can hardly act, her dance moves and glamour has made her one of the most sought after heroines in TFI after Ismart Shankar.

But the reverse “Ravi Teja factor” will be nullified by her boom or will the boom succumb to it? We have to wait and see.

They are coming together for Ravi Teja’s film in the direction of Ramesh Varma. Many wonder if they have a chemistry but in Ravi films, if his character works well with some story, film works. He doesn’t depend on chemistry factor with a heroine at all.

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