Huge Fine On Celebs Featuring In Misleading Ads


Recently, The Parliament had cleared the Consumer Protection Bill 2019 which comes as a replacement for the Consumer Protection Act 1986. This is a measure taken for better protection of consumer rights. The Bill containing 109 clauses proposes establishment of Central Consumer Protection Authority to handle consumer complaints.

Provisions in the Bill to handle Misleading Advertisements:

1) False Description of a Product or Service

2) Offering False Guarantee to the Consumers

3) Concealing Key Information about a product deliberately

Misleading Advertisements by Celebrities attract a penalty of Rs 10 lakh to Rs 50 lakh.

Celebrities need to be very careful about the products they endorse. Misleading Ads not only damage their reputation but also costs them lakhs. The least thing they want to happen is a Consumer lodging a complaint against them for endorsing a product.