Husband Goes Missing, Sends Talaq To Film Actress


She is a popular heroine. She has just lodged a complaint saying her husband went missing. But she got a letter from her husband soon after. When she opened the letter to read the contents, she was left speechless. The letter contained a stamp paper on which her husband gave her talaq.

Bhojpuri actress Aleena Sheikh was married to Mudassar Baig only three years ago and has a child from the marriage. Husband Baig left the home ten years ago and did not return home. A distraught Aleena lodged a complaint, but what she got in return was a talaq. A shocked Aleena says the talaq was illegal and is not sustainable. She alleged that her in-laws were tortuning her. This incident has created quite a sensation in the film industry. The police sad that they would give counselling to both Aleena and her husband. The talaq has become the talk of the town at a time when the Rajya Sabha is debating the bill relating to Triple Talaq.

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