I Am Still Under 30 And Haven’t Aged – Nagarjuna


Nagarjuna Akkineni always comes across as a person who loves to maintain a healthy lifestyle and even look young. He enjoys compliments that he is looking smart and young but he gets annoyed with questions about what he does.

In a recent promotional interview for Manmadhudu-2, he said, “I don’t think like I crossed 30 years of age. I am ever of my date of birth and I know that age is just a number.

People of my age talk about medicines, body pains and I don’t like such company. I want to talk about technology, books, gadgets and apps but not about daily life problems.

I can’t take that. I am better off with a 30 year olds who think about diets, food intake and talk about new ideas. I want that freshness but not complaining.”

He did say that he understands he can’t play 30 year old or 25 years old on screen and hence, he chooses to play 40 or 45 year old heroes. He said that understands the frame won’t be appealing to see him with half the age actresses and hence, he is very careful too.

Nag revealed that Manmadhudu-2 will not be about a womaniser but a person who doesn’t have it in him to maintain a relationship with anyone. Movie is releasing on 9th August.