Is ’18 Pages’ Another Freemake?


As we know, intelligent director Sukumar is a busy man these days. He is directing one of the most anticipated films in Tollywood. It is a film with Allu Arjun which is based on the smuggling of red sandalwood. Apart from that, ‘Uppena’ which was written and produced by him is getting released on April 2nd.

Along with both of them, he recently launched a film with young hero Nikhil Siddharth called ’18 Pages’. Sukku provided the story and screenplay for this film and is also co-producing it. This film will be directed by Surya Pratap Palnati who is Sukumar’s assistant in the past. This combo earlier delivered a super hit like ‘Kumari 21F’.

‘Kumari 21F’ was lauded by everyone for its bold and honest effort. It is actually inspired from a French movie titled ‘Lila dit Ca’ (Lila Says). With this combo coming again, people are commenting that ’18 Pages’ may also be inspired by a foreign film. For now, it is just mere speculation. Let us wait and see what Sukumar and Surya Pratap come up with this time.

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