Is Allari Naresh Leaving His Comedy Behind?


Allari Naresh was once considered as a replacement to Rajendra Prasad and Naresh who made films based on comedy. The ‘Allari’ hero was a bankable star with guaranteed returns for all his movies at one time. He even got some big hits like ‘Sudigadu’ which earned a lot of money but over the past few years, his market went down completely due to the successive flops.He doesn’t have a single hit in the past six years and people are not encouraging his comedy movies. Sources say that the satellite and digital market for this hero’s films too decreased drastically. He did a supporting role in ‘Maharshi’ and is now making a film called ‘Naandi’ which is an intense and dark movie as the posters suggest. It looks like Naresh turned over the page and started a second innings where he decided to have a complete makeover. Reports are that he is no longer looking for comedy movies and eyeing for content-oriented films.

Let us wait and see how this new move works out for Allari Naresh. ‘Naandi’ is produced by Satish Vegesna along with another producer who made ‘Oka Kshanam’ with Sirish in the past.

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