Is Allu Sirish Also Going That “Dhoom” Star Path?


Allu Sirish is Tollywood big producer, Allu Aravind’s son and he has everything under the sun at his disposal to make a movie, every year. But he is not trying to announce any new films these days.

Yash Chopra, legendary Hindi film director wanted both of his sons to take his production house and legacy as a director forward. But his second son, Uday Chopra wanted to become an actor and he was launched in Mohabbatein as one of the young leads, in his brother’s direction.

Now, Uday Chopra is just a failed actor who clicked in Dhoom franchise and nothing else, that too as a part of an ensemble. He is looking after YRF’s International expansion, we hear.

We wonder if Allu Sirish too will follow his route. He started off with film related business like Rana Daggubati and tried to achieve success like his own brother, Allu Arjun.

You know how much he succeeded in the past ten years. Geetha Arts have announced multiple films in recent days but none of them feature Sirish.

His other brother, Allu Venkatesh entered production business but he is trying to build a production house on his own. Geetha Arts has Bunny Vasu looking at all the operations.

So, what is Allu Sirish planning on doing further? GA2 announced films with Nikhil, Karthikeya and they are releasing Akhil’s Most Eligible Bachelor soon. Still, nothing for Sirish. What would you suggest “Siri Bangaram” at this point?

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