Is An Young Star Avoiding Ace Producer?


The industry inside gossip is always interesting when it targets two of the most buzzy people in the media. When it is an young actor and a well established producer, then it gets even more interesting.

Apparently, according to the gossip, young rising star actor is not too keen to work with a famous producer who is involved in major success and failures from past five years.

The actor has earned name for his publicity and acting while the producer has a working process. But both seem to not have plans to come together soon.

Or to be clear, the actor has no intentions but the producer is definitely ready. There is a possibility that a distribution deal falling off, for a previous film off the actor with the producer could be a reason for this distance between the two parties.

Even a young director is looking for a new producer as the actor may not be ready at least immediately to join hands with the producer in the frame.

Well, this could just be a speculation. The actor might be interested in finding those who will agree to his terms and producer to those who agrees to his terms.

In any case, if not today, one day everyone will end up working with other for sure in the Industry. May be these two will too!

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