Is Boyapati Srinu Looking At Ex-CM’s Son?


Boyapati Srinu became a top mass director as he could give hits to Ravi Teja, Nandamuri Balakrishna, Allu Arjun and Venkatesh. He failed with Dhammu, Jaya Janaki Nayaka but none of them were as ridiculed as Ram Charan’s Vinaya Vidheya Rama.

After the film, Boyapati met NBK, who okayed his film long back but due to budget issues, the actor decided to not go for it at the moment.

Later, the director approached Allu Arjun, tried for Jr. NTR, discussed with Akhil, had a meeting with Karthikeya, even he sent fillers to Vijay Devarakonda and Nani, as per industry sources and some print reports.

But none of them returned a favourable response to him to start a movie again. The main reason for this is that the director is asking more than 50 crores as budget with any hero as he believes as a director he commands at least 40 crores market. Again talk from the Industry.

Well, he finally got a positive response from son of ex Chief Minister of Karnataka, HD Nikhil Kumar Gowda, it seems. The young actor who is known for spending huge amounts of money on his films, did accept a proposal from Boyapati’s team it seems.

The director might fly to Bangalore in next four days with a detailed pitch and get the go ahead from producers too, it seems. As Nikhil couldn’t show any kind of affect in politics, he wants to make big popular action film that will improve his popularity and form a base in mass.

He wants to build on this and use it for next elections, it seems. Boyapati Srinu knows a thing or two about mixing politics and family emotions. If he gets full budget and free hand, we hope he doesn’t misuse it like Vinaya Vidheya Rama, again.

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