Is Chay Married To Someone Else Before Samantha?


Beauty with brains Samantha Akkineni is known for her smartness and witty one-liners on Twitter. This actress proved to many that marriage is not an end to a heroine’s career. She recently revealed some interesting snippets about her romantic life in a candid and light-hearted interview.

The ‘Oh! Baby’ actress revealed that her husband Naga Chaitanya is literally married to his pillow and always holds it. She added that it is tough for her to hug him as Chay’s pillow comes in the middle of them in bed. Going on further, she opened up about her live-in relationship with Chay prior to their marriage.

Though Chay stayed mum about their relationship before marriage, Sam was quite open about it and often kept posting about their trips and in-house happenings on social media. Samantha is currently being linked to working on web-series ‘A Family Man’ for its second season.

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