Is Dil Raju Not Interested In “Maharshi” Combo?


Dil Raju decided to go with Vamshi Paidipally’s script when the director asked him to help in production of the film. PVP did not like the idea but the producers worked out a deal.

On Mahesh’s insistence, Vyjayanthi Movies were also made a part in the project. But the movie ended up being a loss venture in few areas while some over performed.

But this kind of business did not excite Dil Raju to be involved in the repeat of the combination, it seems. He got involved in Sarileru Neekevvaru on Mahesh’s insistence.

He did express his displeasure with Mahesh that he hopes producers will also have a fixed remuneration for making films.

This is all a gossip going around in the Industry, at the moment. He did say to several producers that he will set the combination for them if they are willing to take the plunge.

Well, the team celebrated Maharshi long after 40 days of release but this is an unexpected twist in the end of all that!

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