Is Kajal No Longer Interested In Production?


Kajal Aggarwal announced that she has plans to become a producer and she even involved Tamannah in her plans. They both said that they are looking forward to produce good films.

But Tamannah couldn’t continue with such plans and she decided to go with acting for now. Kajal too, is looking to do the same, it seems.

She is no longer interested in just being called a glamour doll but to shine in roles that Samantha or Nayantara or Anushka pulling off, she needs to go de-glam as well.

Her face, built and acting abilities till date, don’t really say much about her handling serious roles on her own. Her attempts like Seetha did not click and even Paris Paris is stuck.

She decided to go for Awe remake in Hindi and also produce a movie in Telugu with Prashanth Varma. Now, she dropped the idea to produce and she is just going to act in the Telugu one.

Rather than taking on multiple tasks to become a producer where she can lose money, her father and family members advised her to keep acting and making money, it seems.

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