Is MAA Presidency again coming under scrutiny?


Somehow MAA elections and presidency post have become huge news bearing items while in actually they don’t affect any people, not even Industry much.

It is a welfare organisation and an union that actors in Telugu Cinema have formed to look after the members of Film Fraternity, mainly actors and co-ordinate with producers about any issues, support struggling actors, help seniors and decide on Junior artists wages with the help of Chamber, give everyone in the acting jobs a secure environment so that they’re not exploited.

But from few years, majorly ever since Dasari Narayana Rao’s death, two factions have been trying to establish their control on the presidency and on funds.

Some or the other actors representing these two factions have been hyperactive in throwing mud on each other in the form of allegations.

Senior Actor Naresh during a press interaction promoting his Raghupathi Venkayya film, a biopic on Telugu Films Godfather, he expressed disinterest in fighting another term as a president.

He accepted that there are internal politics and people are looking to discredit him but he completed one year and he will complete another year of his term.

He also explicitly said that he will not contest for a second term and he is ready to resign any day. All he wants to achieve is a permanent solution to problems persisting and a good simple formula to keep the welfare schemes going.

Well, he and Actor Rajasekhar, who is elected as Vice President have been having difference of opinions and actors belonging to both groups have expressed dissatisfaction towards the others work publicly.

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