Is Prabhas Encouraging Non-Local Talent?


Recent reports from various media source said that Prabhas encouraged his producers, UV Production to rope in Assistant Directors from Mumbai. He did so to have better communication in Hindi with actors and extras on Saaho sets, it seems.

But two ADs from the team complained to Chamber of Commerce, Directors Association and Union about this issue. They wanted the local talent to not be snubbed.

They provided all proofs and asked for justice it seems. Heads of the union and Commerce understood their plea and talked to even the producers, it seems.

As Saaho is a huge budget Pan Indian film, the team went for such decision or otherwise they had no intention to rope in non-locals, it seems. ADs understood this and withdrew their complaints.

Well, talent should never have local and non-local parameters as we all love to make a film in any language we can. We need to improve our skillset in such a way that we can be asset to all but not try to play local and non-local cards.

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