Is RGV Playing With Young Director’s Life?


Bhairava Geetha has been long pending in release from August. Ram Gopal Varma, the producer announced that he is quite excited by young director Siddhartha, who made this movie.

From September he has been waiting for the right date to release this film. He later announced that he will come for Dussehra and fight with Aravindha Sametha.

Later he said that he will come on Diwali then on 2.0 and now, he is saying on Telangana polls day, watch my film. The movie did get at least social media attention during his trailer release and tweet attack on Shailaja Reddy Alludu.

But now, with so many postponements nobody feels draw towards the movie. They are feeling the movie to be a another RGV factory product.

These days, the factory products have lost their sheen in audience eyes and that has become even bigger problem for RGV as even his ideas are not finding many takers. He has been announcing one and then going on another one in few days.

He achieved what all he can and saw the peak of his popularity. But young Siddhartha did not even have one movie release and his career seems to be pushed into a jeopardy by RGV’s marketing strategies!

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