Is Social Media Encouraging Negative Trends?


We saw Ajith and Vijay fans fighting directly and trending negative comments on the other hero with venom. Even Suriya isn’t spared from all of this.

The heroes had to either disown their fan associations or come out and speak up saying that they don’t like it at all. Still, with Vishwasam this year, Rajni and Vijay fans joined together, who are normally in opposite camps, to discredit any kind of positive trend that the movie built as Petta is being degraded by some of them.

Such negative trends have become so popular that the same is being used by Telugu productions at this point. A reputed English daily carried a report against #AA19, comparing it with Brahmostavam.

From past three weeks, while Vijay Devarakonda fans are claiming that Dear Comrade has no buzz or very low buzz, few people on social media, mainly fans of other stars are trying to say that the film is a disaster for sure.

Their intention seems to be working as the movie even though could have been an average, their relentless publicity is making people who haven’t watched it wait for the digital release.

Also, one section from media is turning positive towards a film while another is spreading negativity around the same. Nagarjuna’s Manmadhudu-2 is being targeted by both groups. One is unnecessarily spreading negative about the film while another is keeping it in the buzz.

Fans of Nagarjuna have become a target for many groups and even Nag is being targeted by many to counter them even though he stays away from controversies.

In the social publicity trend, we see various teams going for positive and negative comments specifically targeting a section. There seems to be groups within the media sections as well, who are helping them.

The Industry inside talk is that few people are targeting one section of PRs while this section is countering all that. To keep themselves in the game, either sides are constantly dividing and asking new websites to follow their rules and adhere their requests, it seems. While some others have their own agenda.

On the whole, the social media publicity trend is going in a wrong direction where the live and let live policy is completely going haywire as everything is seen as war!

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