Is The Corona Video Rajamouli’s Strategy?


The government of India is taking steps to prevent people from getting affected by the Corona virus which is shaking the entire world. Popular celebrities coming forward to create awareness is quite usual but some people find a way to promote their film during such video too and talk in the industry is that Rajamouli deftly used the Coronavirus to promote his upcoming film ‘RRR’.

Recently, both Ram Charan and NTR who are the heroes in Rajamouli’s ‘RRR’ released a video in which they are seen educating people about ways to stop the virus. The video is becoming viral and people in social media murmuring that it is Rajamouli’s plan to keep the two heroes together in this video so that his film also gets promoted simultaneously.

They would have made this video individually but Rajamouli’s clever marketing is behind this recent video says few sources. While some appreciate two heroes coming together, others are criticizing for using such a serious situation for their film’s publicity. We need to wait and see how the ‘RRR’ team responds to this issue.

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