Is Vijay Looking To Dominate His Next Film Too?


Vijay Devarakonda earned a name for being too nosy into the post production and promotional strategies of his films. Geetha Govindam worked for him but rest haven’t been able to make their investment back.

Still because of his communication skills he convinced his next film producers also to give him freehand in deciding the final cut and promotions of his next film, World Famous Lover, it seems.

He convinced them to release the film in Summer but he wants the final cut to satisfy his fans, it seems.

Dear Comrade is said to have lost its sheen because of his over indulgence in changing the movie script and also the plan to release it in four languages, backfired.

With World Famous Lover, he doesn’t have a plan to release it other languages, but want it to work everywhere in Telugu states. As his fans expressed disappointment with his previous films, he convinced producers to go for re-shoots if needed but the decision will be taken by him, not the director.

These are the gossips going around in film circles and we can’t really deny or confirm them to be 100% true.