iSmart Shankar Hurting Comrade


iSmart Shankar had a dream run at the Box Office in the first week. Analysts expected Dear Comrade to apply breaks on it’s Hawa in Week 2. Surprisingly, The Vijay Deverakonda-starrer is facing the heat now.

Dear Comrade had an upper hand only on Friday and Saturday. From Sunday, iSmart Shankar began offering a tough fight. Fourth Day revenue of Dear Comrade and Twelfth Day share of iSmart Shankar are almost silimar. That itself is a sign of dominance by Puri’s mass entertainer.

Dear Comrade is still holding well in Multiplexes and A Centres. Whereas, iSmart Shankar is having an upper hand in the single screens at B & C Centres.

From this Friday, New Releases Rakshasudu & Guna 369 will make revenue generation even more tough for Dear Comrade. Looks like, A rare flop for ROWDY!

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