iSmart Shankar’s Zindabad Zindabad: Mani Is Back!


Mani Sharma failed to leave a mark of his own particularly when it comes to composition of songs in the recent years. Finally, He made a strong comeback with ‘iSmart Shankar’. ‘Zindabad Zindabad’ Song is a mass number composed in a unique style. Never did Mani Sharma has done anything close to this & that makes it worth listening.

Singers Sarath Santhosh & Ramya Behra succeeded in making the song sound different. Lyricist Bhaskara Bhatla didn’t disappoint.

Romance of Ram and Nabha Natesh in the beach backdrop for Mani Sharma’s mass number coupled with Puri Jagannath-mark Presentation is going to be a perfect combination. Visuals are gonna be as appealing as that of the composition. Look forward to watching good dose of romance..!

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