‘Junior Balakrishna’ Gokul’s demise shocked NBK!


A sad and unfortunate turn of events caused the demise of young talent. The boy wonder, Gokul debuted on TV in a popular show, Drama Juniors on Zee Telugu.

He attracted everyone with his ease in imitating Balakrishna and telling his punchlines powerfully. Even Balakrishna was pleasantly surprised to see such a young boy being able to imitate him, perfectly.

Gokul went onto even host shows besides popular anchors like Ravi, Sreemukhi after Anusaya Bhardwaj and Pradeep Machiraju encouraged his talent on the Drama Juniors show.

Unfortunately, the boy died due to dengue fever and the news shook everyone. Anchor Ravi, Anasuya, Pradeep Machiraju, Rashmi Gautham shared their grief-stricken obituaries remembering the young kid and his talent.

Even Nandamuri Balakrishna was shocked when he heard the news and he shared his glum to the world stating that he wanted to see the young kid achieve many more heights but this unfortunate turn of events shook him.

He wished for his family members’ strength to recover from such a divisive blow and also asked for great care in health-related issues from youngsters. We too hope that the parents and family members of the kid can find some strength to recover from this tragedy.

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