Junior “Eternal Diva” Has A Heart Of Gold Too


Eternal Diva – Athiloka Sundari, Sridevi left us all very early but her daughter, Jahnvi Kapoor is looking to fill the gap her mother left as an actress and as a good human being too.

She bought a magazine, even though she doesn’t require to, just to help an young boy who is selling magazines as street vendor. She took money from her driver to do so rather than giving up on the idea due to lack of money.

Another instance where she gave biscuits to a child who was begging due to hunger also came into open.

This news item is going viral and she had her “good friend”, Ishan Khatter for company at the time.

While some are talking about the romance of these two youngsters who became close with their first film, Dhadak, some are talking about her good nature.

Sridevi was known for helping out producers who gave her opportunities during her initial days and she even asked Hindi producers to hire Telugu Directors and South actors for their films, to give them the same National level exposure, she enjoyed in her prime.

She was the major reason behind Padmalaya Productions and several others from Hindi Industry to give K. Raghavendra Rao opportunities in Hindi and she even tried to make Kondarami Reddy, a Hindi filmmaker which would have added weight to his career profile, had he accepted those offers.

Looks like “Junior Athilokasundari” did not just inherit looks but also inherited her mother’s kind heart too.

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