Just for Fun: Did RGV Give Masterclass To Mohan Babu?


Lately, Ram Gopal Verma is going on a rampage against CBN, that will put even master politicians and satirists to shame. (Yes, our writer invented the word – Satirist meaning people who can really speak satirically!)

In this pic, we can see, Mohan Babu listening intently to Ram Gopal Verma and the director also seems to be giving him very serious advice.

They worked before for the movie, Rowdy and managed to marginally deliver a better film in comparison to RGV’s other contemporary films.

Just before the release of Lakshmi’s NTR and Mohan Babu’s decision to join YSRCP, both seems to be coming up with strategies to attack and counter, TDP and CBN.

Even if they weren’t it seems like RGV has come up with a Fasak level viral campaign for Mohan Babu to launch his political battle, doesn’t it?

Caption this photo, with all your creativity and participate in the fun, with us for a relaxation from all the serious political stuff!