Kajal Not Happy With Those ‘Hot’ Cuts!


Kajal Aggarwal did act in some rare bold scenes for Queen remake, Paris Paris in Tamil. The scenes involve some inappropriate touching too.

The trailer of the film became sensational because of those scenes and adult language. Movie is eagerly awaited by her fans in both languages.

But those scenes have been asked to be cut by Tamil censor board members it seems. They asked the makers to issue a warning before the film that the views expressed are not demeaning any gender or community, also it seems.

Producers wanted a bold expression from woman to be heard in same tone and hence, they applied to review committee as well.

Kajal expressed her dissatisfaction and said that she and her team followed original. When ‘Queen’ is acceptable in Hindi then why cannot it be accepted in Tamil, she questioned.

Also she said that Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam versions did not face such cuts she exclaimed. She said that she worked hard for the movie and is eager to watch her fans reaction to it.

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