Kajal Opens Up About Having Alcohol!


With the sudden outbreak of Corona virus, people have become more cautious than ever. They are not shaking hands with others, wearing masks and using hand sanitizers. As we know, sanitizers have alcohol content in them as it kills germs effectively.

sizzling lady Kajal Agarwal made a sarcastic comment about her usage of sanitizers through her social media handle. She posted a picture that says, “My hands have witnessed more alcohol in the last 3 days then my liver ever.” This tweet brought smiles on the faces of many users.

kajal seems to be getting perfect in the art of sarcasm as she even posted about the heavy drop the stock market is witnessing. She wrote, “I asked my stock broker..’Ab kya lena chahiye?’ and he replied ‘Bhagwan Ka Naam’. In this way, she is keeping her followers entertained from the last couple of hours.

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