Kajal’s career is done in Tollywood?


Kajal’s career in the Telugu film industry is going downwards for quite some time now. None of her films were working at the box office and she is failing to get big offers. Her last film Sita was a disaster and the Magadheera actress pinned a lot of hopes on her latest outing Ranarangam.

Kajal hoped that Ranarangam will revive her career but keeping aside the film’s result, one would wonder why Kajal signed this film in the first place. She played an absolutely zero-valued character in the film which has no connection with any of the film’s proceedings. The audiences felt that any small-time actress would have bee fit for that role.

Even the film would become a hit, that will not do any good to Kajal. On the other side, there are no big projects in her hand right now. She is in talks for Vishnu Manchu’s project but that might not take her back to the top league. She needs a chance to act alongside star actor but she is failing to get one. Does that mean this is it for Kajal? Well, it looks like

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