Kalyan Krishna Stuck In The Akkineni Compound!


The corona pandemic has affected the entire world and the life of people was turned upside down from the past couple of months. The shootings were stopped and the theatres were closed which created huge financial trouble for the producers and distributors. Experts say that the theatre business may find it hard to survive.

A lot of small films that were made before the lockdown are waiting for theatres to reopen. On the other hand, around fifty small films got started ever since the government gave permission to restart the shootings as per sources. All these films are currently under production and reports are that they will be completed soon. But what will happen after the final product is ready?

The theatres are yet to open and even when they restart, it is still unknown how many people walk into the theatres to watch these small films. While a few experts claim that they may get an OTT release, no one knows about their future as of now.