Kangana Ranaut’s Sister Again Tries To Fuel The Feud Against Hrithik


Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut might have been an item some time ago or they might have just been good friends that someone from both of them wanted to be more but that did not happen.

While Hrithik always been distancing himself from the claims of Kangana Ranaut or her sister, Rangoli Chandel that he harassed them or made false claims, they seem to be obsessed with him.

Kangana always tries to take interest in Hrithik’s personal life and take a dig at everything she can. She tried to showcase Rakesh Roshan as a religious discriminator using Hrithik’s sister.

Many people have asked the sisters to go to court about the issue and get a conclusive resolution once for all. Hrithik did fail an harassment case and it is still in court.

Now, Rangoli took a dig at Hrithik saying that he used to always try to impress her to be in the good books of Kangana Ranaut. She used a pun to describe that HR is trying to distance from them very hard.

Well, Hrithik Roshan wants to be away from all this and be happy with his kids and family. But Kangana or Rangoli doesn’t seem to have any other work than take a dig at him annually or periodically. Even social media people who used to react to these are asking the sisters to move on, with very few asking them to keep at it!

Seems like the message is clear for the sisters to not be obsessive so much.

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